Meet Clayton Varner

Hi There,

Thank you for your curiosity and interest in my life.

Back in 2004, I started Your Group in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland at the age of 17 with the goal of creating a group of companies, and I decided to start in technology. Since then, the coworkers in the technology DBA of Your Group have been recognized for creating the smartest house in America not once, but twice, and we operate nationwide and in Canada.

I know my own mentor would be proud of me for utilizing the skills he recognized and developed as I assisted him in operating his businesses across 13 various industries. In the preset day, my goal is to continue to drive the growth of Your Group while balancing my work to life ratio.  In my personal life, I’ve decided to dedicate my time to create a non profit group that promotes mentoring and tackles many of the issues I experienced as a young gay adult. 

If you are interested in contributing any of your personal time or resources to my cause or perhaps even partner with a group of companies that share my virtues, please reach out to me.